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I was contacted by the previous owner of this extremely rare genuine 1956 DS 19 serial number 5199 to see if I was interested in acquiring it. I'd just finished resurrecting #4086 and really enjoyed the process. However, it became evident that this car would need a complete restoration and I just wasn't up to the task so decided move it on.

This Aubergine and Champagne DS with rusty-orange colored cloth interior was originally sold in Chicago and was eventually traded for dental work (!) before being laid up for decades.

Given it's a true 1956 DS19 (those with VIN's 5889 and less) I thought it would do best in France, especially as Bonham's auction was using the same venue as where the DS was launched in October 1955. CitroExpert did a beautiful story on it once it arrived in The Netherlands; and the DS found a new owner who is having the car completely restored: Can't wait to see it!

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