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Coral & Cream


Around 15 years ago neighbors mentioned that their friends across the street were taking their old Shasta trailer to the dump the next day. I quickly zoomed over and had a look. I was flabbergasted to see what amazing shape it was in. How could it have survived decades of sitting outside in rainy and snowy British Columbia? But it did. The inside wasn't even water damaged.


The only 'issue' was its magical wings had flown away.

They were happy to give the Shasta to us instead of the landfill so we towed it across the street to our backyard. It sat, again, for too many years until last summer when my buddy Scott and I changed the wheel bearings and tires and towed it to Kirkland. I did a mild renovation in the FOUND Motorcars workshop over the winter. I replaced the rubber window seals, the tile floor, and much of the wiring. 

And, of course, installed new wings!

It's back up at out family cabin in the Cariboo region of British Columbia but now parked right next to our deck as an extra bedroom. Guess which room is now the most popular!?

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