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Chasing Classic Porsches


1978 Porsche 911SC in Continental Orange

I was asked to exhibit my 1967 911S Soft window Targa at the Porsche Historic's exhibit during Porsche Parade 2017 in Spokane, Washington. While in Spokane Cath and I found a lovely outdoor restaurant where, for some unknown reason, I started a conversation with the folks at the next table. I asked them if they were in town for the Parade and they said yes, but they didn't bring their car. I, of course, asked what they had. He said a '78 911SC coupe. I was, frankly, not 'that' excited as I 'thought' I was an early 911 and 356 guy but wanted to know more. And that's when it got really interesting...

He bought it almost 40 years ago when it was only 6 months old from his friend who bought it brand new in Yakima. He'd seen the car on the Porsche dealer's lot and told his friend about it; and his friend went out and bought it! But, after 6 month, realized it was probably too much of an extravagance.

As Tom told me more, I got more and more interested. Just 26,000 miles. Rare Continental Orange paint... I asked when he'd had it painted and he said never: Exactly what I wanted to hear. It's never been banged up or touched up. Some rock chips on the front but other than that it's just the way it came out of the factory. 

So, low documented mileage, basically a one owner, and rare, original wild  paint color. I had to have it...

After 'politely hounding' Tom for a year or so he finally said why don' t you come out and see it--3 hours away. I grabbed my son Adam and we left almost immediately. 

When we arrived the car was everything Tom told me it would be. I saw some yellow paint showing through in a few places and was bummed that it looked like it had actually been repainted. However, I found out that the factory used a yellow primer on the Continental Orange cars. You can see the primer still under the hood and frame, etc. It's definitely original paint. He had the books, manuals, tools, history records. 

We took it for a quick blast around the block that turned into an hour drive on some amazing backroads.

I asked Tom about the whale tail and Fuchs which technically weren't on a '78 911SC: he said he ordered them new from the local dealer back when he bought in in 1979. I was contemplating putting it back to original but I think the tail 'fits' the car's outrageousness and, after 40 years, is just part of the car's history.And the Fuchs just look cooler than the Cookie Cutters.

Back at Tom's, his wife made us lunch and I asked, "So, how much?" He gave me a number that seemed in the ballpark, I countered a bit and we shook. I said I'd like to drive it home today. A little startled Tom said OK and they found the title and we all went to the bank together. 

Tom loaded up the factory manuals he had, and spare parts he'd accumulated over the decades of helping other Porsche owners maintain their cars.  I jumped in and had a SPECTACULAR drive back to Seattle.

Took it on Hagerty's 1,200 mile Spring Thaw rally for 4 days through Southern British Columbia where it performed perfectly. What a joy this car is!