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Dr. Johnson, a dentist in Sedro Wooley, bought his 1971 DS 21 Pallas new at Kolars on Capital Hill in Seattle. He kept it virtually 100% original and perfect, not letting any of his 8 kids (!) even near it, let alone in it. He only drove it on perfect days. 


One day his friend asked if he'd give his son a ride and show him how the car went 'up and down'... Dr. Johnson checked the oil and then went out for a short drive before the hood slammed up as he'd forgotten to secure it. Devastated, he pushed the crumpled hood back down, drove silently home, parked it in his house (yes, 'in') AND NEVER DROVE IT AGAIN! 


This was in the mid-80's. It still has only 32,000 miles and, with the exception of the hood, looks and drives like brand new. 


When I found the car, its original hood was off leaning up, dejected, in the corner. The father had passed away years before and the son had kept the DS perfect but now needed to sell it. I immediately saw that it was basically a perfect unrestored, original 45 year old DS.




I found an NOS hood and had it expertly painted to match the original color and factory finish... not an easy feat. 


As I was picking the car up on a flatbed the son mentioned that his dad never let any of the kids near the Citroens. I said, "Citroens, plural?" He said, yes, my dad also bought a brand new SM from Kolars -- one of my other brothers got it from my mum when my dad died. He said it's virtually untouched too with only 11,000 miles. It took me the better part of a year to get his brother to even let me see the car... it too is unbelievable. I can't imagine how there could be a better SM left in the world as it basically has no flaws.


Both cars even have their original tires (which I've changed out with new ones so the cars can be driven and enjoyed but I have the originals stored away). 

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