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We love stories, right?


Well this is a goodie if I do say so myself... this was one of the first #citroen #2cv we imported back in 1988 with our company #Escargot Motorcars in Toronto. It was our show car at the Toronto International Autoshow. We had a one car booth, luckily beside one of the main entrances.


This photo is of my dad, brother John, me, my mum and sister-in-law Helena.


We sold the ‘show car’ to a gentleman who took it up to his cottage north of Toronto on Lake Simcoe; and the family used it sparingly for 30 summers and kept it like new. It has just 17,000km now (a little over 10,000 miles).


The owner recently passed away and his wife tracked me down and wanted to know if I’d want it back. Of course I did! I had it trucked across Canada and imported it to the USA. Before crossing the border I and looked in the trunk and there was the picnic basket and spare parts we supplied with the car when brand new. Neither of the champagne flutes were broken nor was the Mumms champagne drunk. Is 30 year old champagne still drinkable?!

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