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Sold new by a Citroen 'Repair-Only' Service Center in Silicon Valley, California. The buyer was 'put off' by the sales people at the San Francisco Citroen dealer and, as she was driving home, she noticed a garage in Los Gatos with plenty of Citroens out front.


She went in and said she'd like to buy a convertible DS. They said they weren't approved to sell new cars but called Citroen's west coast headquarters in Los Angles and told them they had a buyer for a convertible. Bingo, they made the Service Center a Dealer right then and there and they sold her the car. 

When she passed away the family sold the car back to the original'dealer's salesman, 


My friend Gary from Vancouver, BC called the Citroen parts supplier Western Hemisphere's in Santa Cruz asking if they knew of a good rust-free convertible. They did. Gary bought it and the salesman drove it all the way up to BC with no top and a ripped up interior! 


Gary had a complete respray done, new black leather, roof and proper Michelin XAS's. Mechanicals and hydraulics were still all good. I bought it from Gary when we moved to California from Toronto in 1997 as I could use my 'dream car' as my 'daily driver'. 


My brother John drove it up the coast to Seattle where guru Chris Middleton did a complete mechanical restoration and upgraded it from LHS2 to LHM 'green' fluid hydraulics.


Sam Smith with Automobile Magazine drove it back out to our house in Charlottesville, Virginia Read the great article here.


It was driven by myself, Fernando Alva Mirás, Scott Fearnley and Dan Smith on the Hagerty Spring Thaw event around Southern BC in May 2017. 

It's the last car I'd sell... 

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