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I'd always wanted an Amphicar: A red one sat in a carport on our street in Victoria BC for years without ever moving but seeing those twin propellers each day I fantasied about going out on the water in it one day. Tha day came decades later when, living near Charlottesville, Virginia, there was a lake not too far away from our home. I'd just built a new house with my dream garage and finally had space. I sourced out a recent Roger Sallee restored car (he's 'the guy') and bought this Fjord Green with Apricot interior fresh out of restoration. 

I've never been as nervously excited about a 'new' car for obvious reasons. Our first voyage was with 4/5th's of my family... I checked the double door locks about 1,000 times and drove right in the lake. Wow, there's nothing like that feeling. Ever car person needs to experience an Amphicar. 

The excitement was somewhat short lived as the next time we went out a police car was waiting on the ramp: turns out the lake is a reservoir and no gas powered 'boats' allowed! I'd seen boats on it so thought it was OK but they were all little electric-engined crafts. There was a tiny lake further away but just not as cool as exploring a big lake. 

When we had decided to move to Seattle we lost our big garage so a few cars had to go--and the Amphicar was sold at RM during Amelia Island. Now that we live right next to Lake Washington I'm looking for another. But only in Fjord Green or Blue Lagoon.

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