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The car is thought to be have been purchased originally in Los Angeles, California but soon after found itself with its long term owner in Utah.


A friend bought it as a BUY IT NOW on eBay the moment he realized how original and special it was.

Other than polishing and waxing the body and removing the front seats' terry towel covers, I did nothing to the interior or exterior of the car. I believe most of the paint is original.

I looked  in the front ashtray and you can see above the matchbox I found full of matches!

I removed the engine and transmission and disassembled the engine and replaced only 1 bearing, and had the pistons and cylinders professionally cleaned, new piston rings sourced from Brad Nauss, and a new clutch system. The engine's head was found to he cracked in many places so a good used one was located and rebuilt in Seattle with new valves and Porsche valve stem seals. 

Suspension spheres, hydraulic pump, front disc brakes, steering rack and, height correctors were rebuilt. New Michelin 165 x 400 X Stop tires were sourced. The car's original tires are stored in the garage. 


Completely and always rust free this early DS has amazing colors, 'the' dashboard, and is perfect running order. The perfect 'early' D?

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