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I bought  the MG MGA TwinCam after after reading an article in Sports & Exotics magazine. I called the original owner and soon after flew out to Montreal and was met by Morley at the airport.


We drove the couple hours to his farmhouse, a few miles from the Vermont border. Arriving late, we sat up chatting in his beautiful living room. Before hitting the sack he smiled and asked, "Do you want to see the car?"


And it was exactly as he'd described, basically untouched and just like the day he bought it new in 1960 on Long Island, New York. He put it up on blocks in the heated basement of their farmhouse in 1970 and threw a cover on it. The car is all 'numbers matching' to the British Heritage certificate' with 29,000 miles.


In order to use the car I felt it was important to keep the original Dunlop rims with their original Dunlop Road Speed RS4 tires together, so I searched out a set of proper Dunlop rims (not easy!) and bought new tires. I sourced the rims from an ex-MGA race car driver in Florida. They were media-blasted, trued and painted. 


The MG arrived with its original high-tension leads, points, cap, condenser -- it ran nicely but what a difference after I gave it full tune-up. I stored all the original parts. 

Could there be a more original, full-factory race TwinCam out there? 


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