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FOUND Motorcars started with a book I wrote a few years back called FOUND. The Lives of Interesting Cars and How They Were Discovered. A Novel.


I've loved 'interesting cars' since a kid and have, more recently focused on original, untouched automobiles. While I also appreciate nicely restored cars and have a few in my collection, I do LOVE unearthing truly original special cars. 

Since retiring from a career in technology I decided to see where the classic car world would take me. I've opened a small dealership just outside of Seattle with  a focus on finding cool cars and completing the necessary work to bring them back to reliable, thrilling rides. Some for sale, some probably not. If you see a story you like please let me know. 

And you can grab a paper or digital copy of my book here!

1972 Citroen SM

5 speed

Unrestored, one previous owner, 17,000 documented miles. Glass-covered, swiveling headlight Euro front end. Upgrades done.


Must be one of the best, most original left in the world.​ Always wanted to see what all the fuss has been about SM's for the past 50 years? I suggest you'd be hard-pressed to find a better one.

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Chapron Decapotable


1971  Citroen  DS21

BVH Pallas

Delivered new to Reno, Nevada this 3 owner DS is a very rare Pallas given it has had zero rust, ever. You just can't beat Nevada's climate.


The car was cared for a Citroen trained mechanic until he moved away in the 90's and the car was then put away in their garage. 

It's been gone through now with new engine, transmission, and hydraulics. New 'high-end' paint and gorgeous new tabac leather from Europe to match the original. An amazing USA Export DS21 Pallas in beautiful colors.

On Bringatrailer SOON!

1972Citroen 2CV Charleston

Escargot Motorcars

Under 20,000 miles. Beautiful burgundy & black Charleston paint scheme. Originally imported by Escargot Motorcars. See related video here. 

Recently used in Road & Track for their article: The Roads Make Kids Love Cars 


 1961  Citroen 2CV Van Glacauto

Rare special edition AZU

Need to deliver flowers or baguettes? I've got just the van! An original 12 Horsepower (yes, 12) 2CV van. Over 1,200,000 2CV vans were made but only a handful were converted by Glacauto. Amazingly this one survived.


 1973  Citroen SM

3.0 Litre, 5 speed

Bought new at Kolar’s in Seattle

Under 12,000 miles

Basically ‘as new’ in every detail, including tires

Stored in the original owners heated basement, under blankets, for decades

Best in the world?

Judge for yourself here...

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11846 NE 112th Street

Kirkland, WA 98033

M-F, 10 to 4 or by appointment


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 1967  Porsche  911S

Softwindow Targa

Unrestored, fascinating detailed history, 1st year of the "S", 1st year of the Targa, 1st year of the iconic Fuchs

The '67 911S has always been a special sports car. But finding a highly original soft window Targa--the top of the line for Porsche in 1967-- is like finding hens' teeth

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